Monday, May 16, 2011

A Moment of Amazement

I saw this, and 4 minutes in, literally noticed my mouth half opened, astounded at what I saw. Give it a second to start. These are the kind of things that wanna make me go into film and movie much more than I already do.

Ransom Riggs, you are the bomb.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Politics and Music (Make music, not enemies)

This is a good as time as ever to tell you that you may not get everything I say. This is basically the train of consciousness of mine over a few topics. To start, the things that fly through my head when I'm sitting at dinner, or sky diving, are usually very extensive. Like, literally scientific. It's hard to explain.

This could easily be the longest blog post I have done or may ever do, but I am tired, so, ill just type 'till I pass out from exhaustion, I guess. Ok. Now for... Politics!
Truly, this is probably awful, but, you know. Just being me. I have no political views. And I'm not some person that is against politics, 'cause I know it's vital for the further of this beautiful country, but, I just couldn't care less. I am not a strong Communist, but, yeah, I just wouldn't care. I might vote for the person that makes me laugh the most with their speeches. Yeah, basically politics is just a great way to make enemies. Make music, not enemies.

The Reason for this maybe being so long is my views on music. I could write as many paragraphs there are suns in our solar system all about music.

Ok, so music. Music is awesome. I love music. I play guitar, sort of piano, and I also play the kazoo. I love all kinds of music, except for, wait, yeah I like country too. WHOA. Found one I don't like. Screamo. Heavy metal. I can appreciate their music sure, but it just is not even close to my favorite. I can't name all my favorites. I just tried, you know, in the past. Like 5 seconds ago from when I typed this, and gave up. Too many bands. TRAIN. I do like Train, and Owl City, John Mayer, Cold play, the Beatles, U2, tobyMac, Ryan Adams, Mandy Moore, Everybody else on my iPod, and many more! I feel like an infomercial.

Back to the topic of music, UGH. I felt like talking about music a while ago, but now, the easter egg of todays post, a scientific thought with Shua Nightingale.

Our eyes see at approximately at a rate of 30 frames per second. In the state of adrenalin, It speeds up to about 60, giving us two times the, crap. One second.

FACT- Ok. If you see at a frame rate of 30 for, lets say 10 seconds. that feels like 10 seconds. Ok?
Now, when in adrenalin, 60 frames per second, 10 seconds fells like it doubles to 20 seconds, giving our mind the power to think faster, well, adrenalin is technically when, lets say your friend gets trapped under a fallen tree, adrenalin just puts almost all of the blood from places you aren't using it at the moment, such as your digestive system, to places you desperately need it to save someone or yourself. Yep. So to help you think faster, all the blood goes to our brain, giving it the power to think about twice as fast, thus making it feel like time is moving in slow motion. But usually, in the state of adrenalin, you aren't thinking, "whoa, everything is slow-motiony!" Well, It does. I mean, your brain, speeding up. Ok.
Shua thoughts- If some people have better hearing, and some people have worse (being born, that is), this must mean that things like the frames per second our eyes see at varies a little too. Average means, average. That also means that there are people that are out there that see at 32, or 27, or 35. Just say, if you are sitting next to someone that has the average, 30, and you have, lets say, 33, this means that you are thinking faster than them by .019 seconds faster than them.

EXAMPLE- if you guys did a math problem, 1+1, the other person completes it in lets say, 2 seconds,  you would have completed it in 1.91 seconds. This, of course leads to things like reflexes, sports, patience, and such. I dunno, just sayin'.

Ya know, It's very difficult to type what I think. Gosh, I'll probably pass out soon. Whoo... Tough thinking.

Sorry if you didn't understand anything. This is probably the only complex post I'll post.

Thanks, bye!