Friday, January 13, 2012

Useless pt. 1

So some of you know that i have a plethora of useless skills because I go through phases. My first phase was BMX Biking. Got fairly good, like a few landed 360's off the ground. Then Skateboarding took my life over for a year. Kickflips and shuvit's good, so again, fairly good. Then, for about another year, freerunning (Parkour). After that, video games for about 3 months. Then went back to skating for another year. treflips. BMX next, bunny hopping double what I could, some flatland stuff. Freerunning again. Frountflips, and standing back tucks. And out of no where, Rubiks cubes. Got my best down to 15.7, average around 25. And freerunning stayed. So right now, my hobbies are Parkour, speedcubing, and, my latest add, memorizing pi. I don't think I'll stop parkour ever, hopefully, so I hope that makes up for my other nerdy behaviors. I work out/Freerun for about 1 hour a day, same with speedcubing. Pi takes up about 15 minutes a week. So far, I have gotten to 50 digits. In the last 2 weeks. It's not that hard...


rubiks cubes-

parkour- I can do flips and stuff.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Status updates and tweets

(Never mind about the post bitingly truthful)

Here is a list of status updates I have in a word document on my new computer.


Name one commercial that doesn’t say “…and if you order now, we’ll double the offer absolutely FREE!”

I have about twenty-five status updates in a word document on my computer.

My movie collection has grown 500% this Christmas.

I ate many much m&m’s this morning.

Wants to draw a really good, realistic tree.

Who else remembers the Facebook “is?”

I wrote this in word and copied it to Facebook.

14-hour car rides are the bomb.

I have this Elmo beanie…

“Is it weird that only one company makes monopoly?”
-Demitri Martian

Got the book “Steve Jobs.” It is interesting.

Is working on building a Rubik’s cube in Mudbox.

I am going to learn 2 songs on my guitar. You don’t get to know what they are.

**Enter something smart-alecky about a facebook stereotype**

Really liked TinTin.

I can honestly say that the best person in the world is me.

You just wait. I WILL learn how to fly, just like superman. And Dwight Schrute.

We are stopping in a town called Pleasant Hope. It gives off a nice aroma.

Tell a joke, no one laughs, say, “You had to be there.”

I think I think best when I don’t want to but when I want to I cant think as best as my thinking can be.


Enjoy the simple things in life now, cause it is only going to get more complicated.

There is an expiration date on your birth certificate.

With his dying breath he told me, “don’t go see Alvin and the Chipmunks 3.”

Has this awesome head massager his brother got for Christmas.

Has acquired candy.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bitingly Truthful

This will be the title of a blog post I will be writing through the course of this week. It will be, lovely.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My "What I Believe" Paper

Just thought it was funny. 

Joshua Nightingale
Mrs. Edwards
7 October 2011
AP Lang
I Procrastinated
            I am a procrastinator, and for you hipsters who do not know what this means, the definition of procrastination is to put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done. Literally, right now I am writing something that is due in 4 hours. I had a week and waited to the last 240 minutes to work on it. I also have another paper to write after this, but I can probably get them both done in the next 2 hours. I wonder what is happening on Facebook.
            I believe in procrastinating. The reason I procrastinate is that I have to hit the right mood to start writing. “’What mood is that?’ ‘Last minute panic.’’(Calvin and Hobbes: The Days Are Just Packed)  I do everything better when I am in last minute panic mode. This is a better written paper because it is dark outside, and it is supposed to be turned in by midnight. If I wrote this paper earlier, it would not be as good.
            This is the second time I have written a paper over procrastination. The last one was written last week in the class before it was due; I found out later that day that I didn’t even need to turn it in. I have also noticed that procrastinating has become very main stream. I am confident nobody in my class started this assignment the day we were supposed to.
Procrastination is amazing because it lets you do things that do not matter instead of doing things that do matter; Things that matter tend to be boring, therefore, I procrastinate. Maybe that is the reason I do not have straight A’s. In my opinion, if someone has straight A’s, they are not living life to the fullest. Go outside or something!
Another reason I procrastinate is that it makes me feel like I am living life on the edge. Rushing to turn a paper in at the last second is adrenalin pumping.
My teacher has a list of stuff I need to put into this paper. One of the things on said list is a joke, so here goes. A dyslexic man walks into a bra. I am very literal and also, I am pretty sure that this paper is a giant paradox.
Procrastinating is satisfying. Knowing I have finished something seconds before it is due is much more fulfilling to me than having a crap-load of free time after I finish something. Procrastination is like the people that walk a marathon. They did not try their best or anything, but they still finished, and I’m almost positive that no one likes someone that does not finish what

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Texting about Ferrari cars.

Tim-"I just saw and took a picture of a Ferrari."
Tim-"That picture is now my phone background."
Shua-"Apparently, now you are cooler than me."
Tim-"Why, have you not seen a Ferrari?"
Shua-"Duh I've seen a Ferrari! I lived in San Fran and LA. And I own 5."
Tim-"After you bought them from me."
Shua-"After I bought them back from you."
Tim-"After I made them."
Shua-"After I hired you."
Tim-"After I gave birth to you."
Shua-"WOAH. I'm adopted?
Shua-"This is going on my blog."
Tim-"Awesome. Put it on Facebook, too."

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Runner pt. 3

I ran. I ran as fast as I ever have In my life. I turn the corner onto Elm Street, my heart beating faster every painful step I take. The loud sirens get closer and closer, red and blue lights flashing everywhere behind me. 'They know it wasn't me.' I think as I run to the playground. 'They know I didn't do it. Why me? It. wasn't. me.' I duck into a secluded hidden corner of the playground equipment, curl up, and wait for the end of my life.

25 greatest unscripted lines

 Your gonna wanna see this with annotations.