Thursday, August 25, 2011

Texting about Ferrari cars.

Tim-"I just saw and took a picture of a Ferrari."
Tim-"That picture is now my phone background."
Shua-"Apparently, now you are cooler than me."
Tim-"Why, have you not seen a Ferrari?"
Shua-"Duh I've seen a Ferrari! I lived in San Fran and LA. And I own 5."
Tim-"After you bought them from me."
Shua-"After I bought them back from you."
Tim-"After I made them."
Shua-"After I hired you."
Tim-"After I gave birth to you."
Shua-"WOAH. I'm adopted?
Shua-"This is going on my blog."
Tim-"Awesome. Put it on Facebook, too."

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