Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bitingly Truthful

This will be the title of a blog post I will be writing through the course of this week. It will be, lovely.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My "What I Believe" Paper

Just thought it was funny. 

Joshua Nightingale
Mrs. Edwards
7 October 2011
AP Lang
I Procrastinated
            I am a procrastinator, and for you hipsters who do not know what this means, the definition of procrastination is to put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done. Literally, right now I am writing something that is due in 4 hours. I had a week and waited to the last 240 minutes to work on it. I also have another paper to write after this, but I can probably get them both done in the next 2 hours. I wonder what is happening on Facebook.
            I believe in procrastinating. The reason I procrastinate is that I have to hit the right mood to start writing. “’What mood is that?’ ‘Last minute panic.’’(Calvin and Hobbes: The Days Are Just Packed)  I do everything better when I am in last minute panic mode. This is a better written paper because it is dark outside, and it is supposed to be turned in by midnight. If I wrote this paper earlier, it would not be as good.
            This is the second time I have written a paper over procrastination. The last one was written last week in the class before it was due; I found out later that day that I didn’t even need to turn it in. I have also noticed that procrastinating has become very main stream. I am confident nobody in my class started this assignment the day we were supposed to.
Procrastination is amazing because it lets you do things that do not matter instead of doing things that do matter; Things that matter tend to be boring, therefore, I procrastinate. Maybe that is the reason I do not have straight A’s. In my opinion, if someone has straight A’s, they are not living life to the fullest. Go outside or something!
Another reason I procrastinate is that it makes me feel like I am living life on the edge. Rushing to turn a paper in at the last second is adrenalin pumping.
My teacher has a list of stuff I need to put into this paper. One of the things on said list is a joke, so here goes. A dyslexic man walks into a bra. I am very literal and also, I am pretty sure that this paper is a giant paradox.
Procrastinating is satisfying. Knowing I have finished something seconds before it is due is much more fulfilling to me than having a crap-load of free time after I finish something. Procrastination is like the people that walk a marathon. They did not try their best or anything, but they still finished, and I’m almost positive that no one likes someone that does not finish what