Friday, January 13, 2012

Useless pt. 1

So some of you know that i have a plethora of useless skills because I go through phases. My first phase was BMX Biking. Got fairly good, like a few landed 360's off the ground. Then Skateboarding took my life over for a year. Kickflips and shuvit's good, so again, fairly good. Then, for about another year, freerunning (Parkour). After that, video games for about 3 months. Then went back to skating for another year. treflips. BMX next, bunny hopping double what I could, some flatland stuff. Freerunning again. Frountflips, and standing back tucks. And out of no where, Rubiks cubes. Got my best down to 15.7, average around 25. And freerunning stayed. So right now, my hobbies are Parkour, speedcubing, and, my latest add, memorizing pi. I don't think I'll stop parkour ever, hopefully, so I hope that makes up for my other nerdy behaviors. I work out/Freerun for about 1 hour a day, same with speedcubing. Pi takes up about 15 minutes a week. So far, I have gotten to 50 digits. In the last 2 weeks. It's not that hard...


rubiks cubes-

parkour- I can do flips and stuff.

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