Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter 7 1/2 midnight experience

This blog post is different. I'm actually documenting something. And sorry for not blogging recently. Nothing happens during the summer. Here we go.

7:52 to 8:01 Thursday the 14 of July.

The documenting begins. I've been here since six twenty, and I definitely did not need to come 6 hours early, because I was the 20th in line. I am now 15th in line. No joke. There are now almost 40 people here. WAIT. Now it's 43.  Ok. Was on the floor, then everybody scooted up to keep the line inside, and I conveniently have a bench all to myself now. I know no one here. Yet. I just read over this, there is no excitement. I'm gonna start using exclamation points! Makes it exiting! Happy! You know! Maybe you don't... You know what? Head count. No guesses. 39. Off by 4. Oh poop.



8:50 to 9:03

56, my favorite number. Well, I like this line. For some reason, I haven't gotten bored yet. I've read all the books before, don't worry, I've been a fan for years, so don't think I'm spoiling it for myself. It's  sort of fun to read the second half of the 7th book waiting to see the movie. I've read a total of something like 53 pages. And this movie is gonna be great. There are now 60 people inside, and the outside line began about 42 seconds ago. 106.9 has been out there for a while, but they haven't done anything. I have a weird mood for Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson. They rock. I found a cut out o the Smurfs. These smurfs have been staring at me for hours. Just. Staring.


Officially too many people  to count from where I am. So, like, infinity.

9:34 to 9:38

Last time I went to a premier, they let us into the theater 2 hours early. Hopefully, that is the case here. Have to pee, but did like 20 minutes ago, and don't wanna look like an idiot. Don't  wanna be called, "That weird kid with the bladder  problems." I've listened to cliffs of Dover about 30 times now. It's great. There are definitely hundreds of people here now. Out the door, and way a way. I am now 18th. I'll pee in like 20 minutes.




Still peeing

9:52 to 10:03

So this group next to me decided to pull out an iPad and go crazy with the photo booth. Also found another group of Smurfs staring at me. Total of 12 Smurfs Ah. Now purposely looking around the room for staring Smurfs, now a total of 16. It makes me feel good to know that 16 cardboard Smurfs are looking at me at every moment. Watching my back, if I turn it towards them. Abu Dhabi is probably really nice this time of year. Still not bored. Finished the rest of the book, from where I started which was basically half way into what the movie will be. So, I watched half of the movie, but it was in my head.

10:25 to 10:29

Seating in like 30 minutes. And have drank 96 ounces of iceless dr. Pepper. Maybe why I have to pee again. I'll probably go once more before the movie. Everyone that I know that went hours early are at the theater across town, with two theaters showing it. Still don't know anyone here. I know this joke might be old now, but I'm not joking now. I found 3 more Smurfs. 19 Smurfs. at least their smiling happily. battery life is resting on like 40% now.


This movie better make my mind equal blown. 30%

11:09 to 11:11

In theater. Comfiest chairs ever. Like, ever ever.The theater seats 304. Using simple estimation, the screen is close to 40 feet across.

11:24 to 11:26

Just peed again. Oh man, that was relieving. Just held in a sneeze.

11:44 to 11:45

If I did the math right, we all got 1
7 minutes to wait. Woo! Previews are the best. Can't wait! Winnie the pooh is gonna be great. I need to see it soon. These looping commercials are to die for. Literally. They suck so bad, I may just die.


I would like to throw something at the screen, to make a scene.


The cellphone turnoff thing just came on. Bye. Feature presentation time.


It was hilarious, actiony and overall pretty good. Keeping it short. 3 1/2 out of 4. Good night world! Goodbye harry potter. Live on in our hearts, forever. Ok bye.

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