Monday, April 18, 2011

Chuck Norris and Pie

A poem for the most amazing human alive.

Chuck Norris, you are taller than a microwave.
You are smaller than the average elephant.
You don't have to shave.
You never say, "I can't"
You always put on clothes.
You never have to eat flies.
You can make antlers grow on does.
You can sow and grow seeds of pies. 
None of these statements are lies.

Right after I wrote this, and read it allowed to my brother, I said, "This is Stupid."

I never really liked pie. I LOVE CAKE. Never liked pie though. Except for the Oreo pie at bakers square, a restaurant that does not exist in Oklahoma. Best pie and only pie I like. 

Thumper, our rabbit, bit through a bunch of chords in my room today, after I found him after school. It was awesome. He made sure to take my phone charger and  bite it into 3 pieces. 

My birthday is coming up. All I wan't for my birthday right now is the best video game known to man. Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue. Classic Game Cube game. Only like 15 bucks new on amazon. I'll probably buy it before the day of May of the thirty first of the hour of I don't care. Probably.

Today is officially the last day I will ever be 15 and 322/365 years old.