Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter and Toy's "R" Us

Easter is here! Celebrate the rise of the king of kings! With thousands of eggs! And a bunny that no one has ever seen! Where is the world going if we are so desperate to eat candy we have to come up with excuses about a bunny laying eggs full of candy, and, and pooping jelly beans? This is ridiculous. It's easily one of the stupidest things I've ever heard.

Sheen (Jimmy Neutron) - "No! This is the stupidest thing you ever heard! GABABLAGGALAGGALA!!!"

[Side Note]
The Suggested words (Red Squiggly Line) that come up when I typed that weird screaming thing Sheen does include:


Back to the topics at hand, and if you didn't know, with the exception of 'Chuck Norris and Pie,' I make the topics up before I start wr... excuse me, typing them. Ok. Toy's "R" Us.

I realized, about a week ago, that the R in Toy's "R" Us is mirrored to look like, a backwards R... And why are there "quotation marks" around it? Its ridiculous. You could confuse the crap out of English "majors" if you just randomly use "them" everywhere. By the way, I know it's us as in a group of people, but it's funnier if you think of it as United States. Why is it funnier? Cause the USA doesn't do squat. I think 99% of all things are made in China, .5% of everything else is made in Taiwan, and everything else is a mix of everywhere else, except the USA! I think the only thing that I've seen that was made by the "USA" was  a McDonald's Double Quarter Pounder. It says so on the tag they put on the "patty."

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