Saturday, April 16, 2011

If you have read the about me thing, you may know that I am an animation freak. Love animation. 95% of my favorite movies are animated. Enjoy doing it myself, too. Had an idea not too long ago. Here's the rough idea (can't get the basic animation up because its exported in some weird format).

Pans across a view of black and white hills, black and white trees, black and white sun, everything black and white. Except for one something, maybe a bird, or a tree. Just one. One little object. Zooms into it, and if it's a tree, a leaf will fall off, and if its something else, I don't know, but the leaf will fall and fly a ways, hit the ground, and color will spread from it into the hills, the other trees, the sun, everything. Then I don't know what. Something funny will happen, probably.

Basic idea. It's fairly easy to make too, cant figure out how I'm going to get the color to spread, though.

And the joke of the day (always made up on the spot)!

Q- What did one trash can say to the other?
A- "You smell bad."


  1. Try exporting it as a QuickTime file.

    THE ZACH SMITH, out.

  2. Saw it already, Kind of. I think.


  3. It is quicktime, right now. Malybe im just stupid or something.